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  • The Legend of Boggy Creek

    The Legend of Boggy Creek


    The Legend of Boggy Creek moves unassuming 'cause it's a sleepy portrait of a place called Fouke. Director Charles B. Pierce arrives at Fouke to interview people about, and stage reenactments of, their encounters with the Fouke monster. Deploying a treacly cinematic tone, the interviews are formally indistinguishable from the reenactments, and so every story, person, scene, and so on, runs flat across the same diegetic plane. What's strange about Pierce's relationship to the subject is that he doesn't have…

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  • Dying of the Light

    Dying of the Light


    "I'm…forgetting things"
    "There's a lot to forget"

    Evan's brain is falling apart and he's forgetting things, but the one thing he won't forget is Banir. His brain can't do it alone; it's not capable of stubbornness, and any way these encoded memories, failing or not, require stimuli to come to life. What reminds Evan's dying brain not to forget Banir is the way everyone else keeps forgetting Banir, and wants Evan to forget Banir too, because, they say, Banir is…

  • Cold Wind Blowing

    Cold Wind Blowing


    Asks you settle in for the tucked in stoned storytime of last year's Death Trip or 1981's The Boogens, but where those films had the threat outside as something foundational to the very possibility of comfort indoors, Cold Wind Blowing rejects the group ahead of time. Every grouping redraws the lines of ostracism, and so everyone must rush to find the configuration that keeps them on the inside and pray that it holds. The threat then comes from harmony itself,…

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  • The Dark Knight

    The Dark Knight

    I attended this really wonderful lecture on superheroes and the War on Terror, and how a number of very important comics post-9/11 became self-critical in their examination of states of emergency and exceptional politics, and the autoimmune system that leads to the violent pursuit of 'order' becoming the greatest source of chaos. Because superheroes respond to 'emergency' situations and operate within a non-legal or extra-legal capacity to inflict sovereign violence on the enemy (the enemy itself prone to slippage e.g.…

  • Licorice Pizza

    Licorice Pizza


    Purposefully restless, Anderson gathers the transitional discomfort of adolescence and young adulthood to see if that nothing time means anything in retrospect. Precocious Gary chases the highs of validation from the 'adult' world that Alana has just entered, and Alana in turn grapples with the fact that at some point people stopped asking her what she wants from life and how she's gonna get it. It takes a child like Gary to ask something like that, and that's why she…