• Drive



    Amazing soundtrack and cinematography.
    Great acting from Gosling and the rest of the cast as the movie plot descends into chaos.

  • Moon



    Based upon an interesting premise, Moon is a good sci-fi "thriller" that is an easy watch yet still engaging and intriguing despite some mild pacing issues.
    The only characters are a robot and an astronaut played by the fuckwit in Iron Man 2 yet the movie manages to not be boring which is greatly helped by good writing, interesting set-design and great acting from the essentially one man cast.
    The interaction and dialogue between the characters is well acted and written, as the story unfolds you can feel the deterioration of them.
    Overall Moon was a decent sci-fi thriller that wasn't too heavy or climatic.

  • 12 Angry Men

    12 Angry Men


    Interesting wellshot and woke 50s movie that is a character study based upon individual prejudices that are still prevalent in modern day society.

  • Whiplash



    A more abuseful version of glee with intense acting from both the leads.

  • Filth



    lives up to its name, filthy fucking movie with a complex plot, amazing acting and a great ending

  • At Eternity's Gate

    At Eternity's Gate


    A hallowing tale of mental illness, loneliness, depression, potential and destiny, At Eternity's Gate is a well shot film regarding the tragic life of Vincent van Gogh.

    This film shows how outsiders who perceive the world differently are shunned, mistreated and in some cases locked away which only furthers their alienation, on the flipside it also portrays how family, dedication and passion can be a bright light in one's world.

    A rather tragic but also hopeful story, this film has…

  • Dead Man

    Dead Man


    A 1995 black & white somewhat-surrealist western, Dead Man is akin to a native American version of Django Unchained in some ways.
    This is very beautifully shot, the way the film's environment is captured shows off the beauty of nature even without colour as the protagonist travels across the country.
    Depp's acting is spot on as usual and the background characters help to breakup some of the clunkiness of the film's plot.
    Overall it was a fun picturesque journey and one of the only tolerable western films I've seen.

  • Se7en



    seven is a slow burning thriller/crime which starts slow but progressively gets better.
    its not amazing, its gritty, its ugly, its a bit boring but it gets the job done.
    the acting is decent as is the dialogue.
    the stories a bit meh ends up being a bit predictable and flat but for a crime movie its decent enough.

  • The Holy Mountain

    The Holy Mountain


    if Salvador Dali went on a crack bender and ate a pound of magic mushrooms that is the film he'd make

    The Holy Mountain is an absurdist surrealism fever dream full of vibrant visuals, amazing camera angles, confronting imagery and is full of hidden symbolic meanings, every single frame of this movie is a painting begging you to decode its meaning if you're brave enough to try.

    What starts as a clusterfuck of religious symbolism and absurdist shock value without…

  • Jisoe



    the original housos, a compelling almost mockumentary style doco about eshay culture in the early 00s

    if they wanna fucken charge me for trains ill go out and fucken paint some fuckn trains fuckn fuckn trains train trains

  • Nightcrawler



    Jake's a very convincing weirdo, would fit an American Psycho remake

  • Good Time

    Good Time


    Just like the Safdie brother's latest film Uncut Gems, Good Time is an anxiety inspiring fast paced twisted-treasure hunt that devolves into chaos at a rapid rate.
    It revolves around the protagonist going on a journey to "save" his brother from a problem the protagonist has caused which only leads to countless people getting hurt as he continues to manipulate, exploit and eventually betray vulnerable people to his gain.

    Good Time is a tale about how running away from your…