Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★★

Entertaining, powerful, fun and tense, Promising Young Woman is an excellent revenge thriller, finally released in the UK.

The film tackles society’s attitudes to women who are victims of male predatory violence, but does so in a way that is thrilling, tense, exciting and funny.

Carey Mulligan is amazing in this. She has a lot of ground to cover on this but does it well, playing sorrowful, chilling and sweet in equal measure.

Her scene with Alfred Molina is superb - arguably the most powerful in the movie - and he is superb in his limited appearances, while Clancy Brown is probably the best of the rest as her withdrawn and somewhat sad father.

Some of the shots are amazing, and the film often looked magnificent; the use of colour was striking. 

There’s been a bit of criticism of the ending, but I thought it was nicely done and brought the story to a close in a pleasing way - perhaps a little too crowd-pleasing - but satisfying nonetheless.

There is also an element of humour to the conclusion, something the film consistently gets right throughout, as amusing moments punctuate the seriousness of the rest of it.

The premise may not be totally unique but it was done in such an enthusiastic way, and Director Emerald Fennell has made a bold, confident and striking debut feature. Highly recommended.

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