tick, tick...BOOM!

tick, tick...BOOM! ★★★½

Garfield’s performance is the real deal. His vocals are surprisingly great, but the balancing act of late-twenties angst, and genuine frustrated artist is hard to pull off and Garfield does it effortlessly.

Miranda does a great job in his first directorial debut. The other performances are fine. Some of the songs are better than others. Some musical numbers are better staged than others. Sort of a mixed bag, but the thematic through line and Garfield are enough to pull the movie through.

I must admit I’m predisposed to liking this film. As a musical theatre person at heart, and a frustrated writer it’s impossible to not watch this and examine my own feelings towards art. If you’re afraid of not making it, and you fear economic turmoil then sacrificing everything for your art isn’t a decision that’s easily made. Where do you find the time? Can you have a whole social and emotional life when your art require so much of your time and energy? It’s something I never figured out and thirty is ticking closer and closer for me.

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