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This review may contain spoilers.

Hooptober #26
Y'all, I was gripped start to finish with this. I'm pissed with myself that I left this one until this late in my Hooptober watching because it's one of the best films I have on my list.
It's both scary and introspective on the inner workings of people when they've lost all hope and they have to cling on to any sense of hope they could find.
I was really happy when the bitch Mrs Carmody got shot. It was delightful when she got hit in the head with a can of peas and slapped across the face, but after hating her with so much fury for most of the film her getting shot actually made me cheer really loud. I gotta say, well done to Marcia Gay Harden because she embodied this religious fanatic character so well I had SO much hatred going towards her.
My brother, before watching this, told me that the ending was something to look forward to, and good LORD it ended my entire world. It was such a good and dramatic way to end everything, when I also had sort of accepted that there was definitely no more hope left for any of them.
I loved this. It might be my favourite Hooptober film so far, and I probably wouldn't have been inclined to see this without Hooptober. Wow. Please watch it if you haven't already and you want to feel both depressed and real mad.

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