• Thank God It's Friday

    Thank God It's Friday


    It’s not that it’s bad like The Apple or Can’t Stop the Music, it’s just bland and lifeless. 

    Husband: We’re married so they’re OUR tits.

  • Bloody Wednesday

    Bloody Wednesday


    That fucking keyboard music was lol.

    For however sloppy and poorly constructed the film was the ending was very effective and upsetting.

  • The Girl from Monday

    The Girl from Monday


    The ideas are interesting. 

    I know Hartley is about deconstruction, but I don’t think it really works here or I just wasn’t in the mood, even though I truly appreciate his efforts.

  • Sada



    I kept loving this at the same time I kept almost hating this.

    That slapstick and cartoonish filmmaking works and was magical for me even though it constantly almost annoyed and irritated me.

    “Sada, you’re an interesting girl. Actually, you’re a frightening woman.”

  • Slumber Party Massacre II

    Slumber Party Massacre II


    This is (relative to her ouvre) Deborah Brock’s masterpiece.

    Brock had an aesthetic she seems to infuse into her movies whether it makes sense or not. I wonder if she was granted ten million dollars to make whatever type of movie she wanted, instead of being tied to Corman’s leftovers like the three films she has made are, what would she make?

    This had one good gag. 

    Deborah Brock seems like a very sweet person, but she is my ARTnemeses.

  • Five Corners

    Five Corners


    So many scenes from Five Corners fall into the category of not an absurd comedy but, like, ‘what the fuck even?!’

    Five Corners was written by the same guy who wrote some pretty great movies like Moonstruck, Joe Versus the Volcano and Doubt. 

    Moonstruck hit a perfect pitch between melodrama and musical. Its director understood the assignment, he saw the humor in the screenplay and matched it with some quiet-operatic filmmaking. The other two films were both directed by the…

  • Ned Rifle

    Ned Rifle


    That whole third act revelation is the definition of problematic. If the movie wasn’t basically hilarious and absurd that revelation would lead most reasonable people to very much hate this film.

  • Downfall



    I kept thinking of Crowded Houses ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over’.

    But seriously, this is a good example of a well written, well acted, well scored, good looking film by a very boring director or film-assembler but not editor as the basic editing was just fine.

    My two main beefs are that the atmosphere was totally lacking, we should have felt the dread of these losers losing their entire everything. It should have been an inverted Helm’s Deep. And the film…

  • Sheba, Baby

    Sheba, Baby



    Everyone makes noise and video essays that Tarantino lifted a section of City on Fire for Reservoir Dogs, but no one is talking about how the ending of this film was directly lifted by Tarantino for the ending of Jackie Brown (and by ending I mean after the climax, the character ending), and that ain’t a judgement as I think Tarantino nailed the ending much better in his film. Seeing Sheba, Baby’s ending for the first time while intimately knowing…

  • The General

    The General


    It’s hard to deny that this is a great movie even if it is as ignoble as fuck.

    The film semi-skirts the issue of being a pro-confederate blow job by having a protagonist that starts off apolitical and only falls into war because he wants the admiration of a woman and only when he realizes his southern brothers are in trouble (because he overheard the ‘dirty dog’ Union Soldiers discuss their plan of attack) does he willfully participate in the…

  • Police Story 3: Super Cop

    Police Story 3: Super Cop


    A helicopter, a motorcycle and a train walk into a Jackie Chan movie.

  • Police Story

    Police Story


    This one surprised me. It moves from being tense to broad comedy to comedy comedy to amazing action to slapstick to expressing real visceral scary pain all inside of an easy to digest and well structured story like no other movie I can think of. And it’ll kinetically move through that list of genre and back again within a couple seconds. The vibe was so perfectly balanced and fun. It was just such an extremely entertaining movie. 

    As that first…