Midsommar ★★★★

Just read this review boxd.it/KInjR it literally sums up exactly how i feel

tl;dr cool film, v fucking deranged and whoever hurt ari aster i hope ur happy. amazing from a directorial point of view, shots are amazing and i could talk about them for days i love what’s going on with the light/dark and nature imagery throughout the thing and use of colour, also her boyfriend is quite possibly the worst and the acting across the board is amazing. paced great. it’s defo an experience to say the least, really gets you in to it and while i’d like to read into it loads and look back at it i just don’t know how often i’d go back to it in full you know. i’m sure it can be great catharsis (esp for ari aster). not rlly scary but i mean i’m never going to a weird ass ritual in the middle of the forests in my life now soooo take from that what u will.

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