Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★★★

yes i watched this twice in one day don’t judge me. here’s my review.
spider-mans my favourite superhero. I could literally take a before sunrise-esque film of him and MJ just going around and him trying to chirpse and that would be a 5 star film for me. this is purely opinion based. this film just hit in all the right spots for me, same as homecoming, i liked the humour, the cast is filled with actors i would give my kidneys to, the storytelling works great for me and the two mysterio scenes where he’s inside the illusion world (especially the peter tingle one) just hits me HARD. realistically this is an epilogue for the 22(?) films and it does great of following up something as big as endgame, in the same way that iron man 3 followed avengers (i really like iron man 3 too). after credits scenes are just two crazy things but the first one is INSANE and i am surprised they kept that under wraps, and also surprised there are still people who leave the theatre after a marvel movie before these i mean come on it’s been so long now keep up. tom holland is my spider-man there’s no doubts, zendaya is THE MJ too and now i completely understand why people are convinced that jake gylenhaal is a psychopath, cuz he plays it INSANELY well

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