Lamb ★★★½

This was an odd little film. It’s a modern day fairy-tale possibly about the danger of taking what doesn’t belong to you, but maybe not. The main selling point is the intense performance from Noomi Rapace as the sad mother trying to replace her lost daughter with a strange hybrid she and her husband come across.

It’s a simple story at heart, but it does feel stretched out a bit to fill its 106 minutes. The extra run time allows for some pretty Icelandic scenery and the opportunity to get more familiar than the story really requires with the rigours of day-to-day life on a remote sheep farm.

There are a fair amount of horror vibes in this, though it’s not a horror film, more an updated Grimm’s morality tale. The territory will also be familiar to anyone who has read or watched Sweet Tooth. All-in-all, there’s a fair bit to admire here, but the sum of the parts falls short of it being a classic.

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