Midsommar ★★★★½

I’m writing this at two in the morning because I can’t stop thinking about this movie. I always anticipate movies that give me a real unique cinematic experience where I don’t exactly know how to describe my overall thoughts. That usually means a filmmaker has done some really interesting and genre pushing things. Last year, Sorry to Bother You and Suspiria where those rare cinematic experiences that leave you in a sense of disorder but completely stick with you. Midsommar is the same way.

This is definitely one you could pick up on more and more the more times you watch it. The movie is nuts and its ambitions are large. This is a much more epic and insane film then Hereditary. What I can say about Hereditary is that I pretty much got the film on face value the first watched. I thought it was great and as a piece of writing its probably tighter then this but this one fascinated me a bit more. I love the lore and the worldbuilding. If anything- I think the first 40 minutes of this are just as perfect as filmmaking can get. I don’t even think it ever falls apart after that point- I’m just honestly at a lost for words of what happens after that. There’s just so much to dissect here but I also want people to go into this movie fresh. This is one of those cinematic event movies that film fans should cherish and a divisive one at that. I’m really excited to see the discourse on this one.

If one thing can’t be denied, it’s the fact that Ari Aster is a master at his craft. This is simply one of the most gorgeous looking movies I’ve seen in ages and the way he moves the camera and finds invincible shots can be compared to the likes of Wes Anderson. His whole color pallets here is just such an interesting choice. This movie takes place in broad daylight and it’s still able to be this chilling. That gives the film such a distinctive environment and stand out from horror films of its kind.

Anyways, this movie isn’t for the faint of heart and it’s not gonna work for anyone. Honestly, this one has stayed under my skin then any other horror film I can imagine in the past recent years. It makes Hereditary look like Moana in all honesty. It’s an incredibly slow burn but I love the fact the film took its time and created actual tension. It just made the payoff that much more shocking and having your body uneasy for that long is just the director having you right where he wants you. It’s incredible.

I’d say only issues include some plot points that just kinda get dropped and the fact that I really haven’t figured out if some stuff in this movie adds up- but I need time for that. I could see myself bumping this film up in time because this was really a cinematic event that I cherish going to the movies for each year. I love weird movies that give you something you don’t expect, and Midsommar was one that had me in awe and in its grasp from scene one. One of my favorites of the year so far for sure.

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