North by Northwest

North by Northwest ★★★★

I watched it on day 1, but, gonna post it to Instagram on day 2. North by Northwest was another one of my choices for classic movie challenge because I adore Hitchcock. If you guys don't know, Psycho is one of my all time favorite films, it's in my Top 20. North by Northwest isn't quite that good, but, it's really solid. It's hard to critique Hitchcock since he's a legend, and well, this film is beautifully shot and very inventive. This is for sure one of those textbook film school films. Also, the story is very interesting and it has plenty of twists and turns to keep me engaged for the most part. Plenty of the characters are kinda stock characters and I didn't really care for them all too much, and the relationships do feel a tad bit contrived. You can feel the 2 hour 16 min runtime as well, this sin't one of those films I wanna watch over and over, but, it's worth watching. It's well written, constantly suspenseful, well thought up set pieces and just a pretty cool film. Sure, it's no Psycho, but, how many films are that good?


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