Stop Making Sense

Stop Making Sense ★★★★

This is kinda hard to review.

I love The Talking Heads. I love this album. It's one of their best albums performed in a concert.

I was kinda expecting it to be a little more just because of all the acclaim, but, it's still like amazing regardless.

The music, the stage presence, the energy, the blocking was all really cool.

It's a dope concert film, but, it's a concert film, keep that in mind.

Overall though, for what it is, it's pretty much perfect for the most part I think.

I need this album on vinyl. It's soooo great.

A Talking Heads song is for sure gonna be in an Artpig movie someday.

Probably Once In a Lifetime, that song is lit.

Rating: A- (Quality of Dominos Pizza)

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