Body Bags

Body Bags ★★★½

Hooptober Se7en - One Tobe Hooper film

An anthology flick directed by Tobe Hooper and John Carpenter? A very happy Halloween season indeed. Trashy horror fun all around with stories featuring a gas station attendant whose first night on the job does not goes as planned, a man who becomes obsessive over his thinning hair, and a baseball player who receives an eye transplant that changes how he sees the world. Tobe Hooper's segment "Eye" was my favorite. Even though it's not an original idea, I'm obsessed with body donor spooky stories. Think about it, you lost a limb or an eye but are able to receive a new one from an anonymous donor. What joy! But wait, this newly acquired body part seems off, it doesn't quite fit, where did it come from, what is its story? Fascinating chaos can ensue. Plus anything to do with eye gore is a delightful cringe fest. The wraparound story stars John Carpenter as an over the top coroner giving us a tour of what's in the body bags, I enjoyed every Carpenter moment.

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