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First of all, sorry for this monstrous (and little bit spoilery) review, but I think this the best place to let it all out, because i'm in awe. You don't need to read, It's okay.
It's been five days, and I can't take this goddam movie out of my mind. It's not just a perfect sequel, not just a perfect entry in the franhchise, not just a perfect slasher, but most importantly, a perfect horror movie. Continues what 5CREAM started and aplefies it to 1000. The directors know what Scream is and means. It's both horror and comedy, you can't have a Scream movie without the comedy aspect. In Scream VI (and in 5CREAM) the balance between this two is perfect, although in this one the horror element is more in display. New York, big city, Halloween. It almost feels like Ghostface has control and eyes all over the city. You can feel it on the streets, in the air. Ghostface is like a disease spreading, as we can see brilliantly in one of the best opening kills in the franhchise. A perfect set up in mind, in paper, and in execution.

I want Laura Crane as my professor. Talking about slasher movies? Heaven.
The Core Four? A family ♥️
Kirby Reed? They didn't forget that in a way, she was the Sidney of the would be new trilogy that started with Scream 4. Hayden Panetierre, so good to see you.
Gale Weathers? Probably one of the best uses of the character in all the franhchise. "Tell Sidney he didn't get me." A Gale Weathers line like no other.

Melissa Barrera's Sam Carpenter. Your new final girl, or not? In 5CREAM she was not likeable by a lot of people. Which in a way, I get It, her acting was sometimes meh and anoying at times. But then came the third act, where Sam's completely goes berserk and that's where Melissa Barrera compeltely gained my attention. Enter Sam in Scream VI, the power that this character has. She's not just trying to survive and figurimg out who Ghostface is, like Sidney did before. She's killing them, not killing them. Hunting them, annihilating them. She doesn't kill them, she destroys them. She's not your typical final girl, she's something new, something different. Something so refreshing and amazing and that's why I think her character is so polarized. They presented us with this unusual heroine/character. Oh, you wanted her to be more "good"? Forget that. Melissa Barrera now owns Sam, has control of her, like Neve Campbell has control of Sidney, Sam Carpenter is Sam Carpenter because of Melissa Barrera. The power, the brutallity, the physicality that this character has is just insane and powerfull. Sam Carpenter will not be defeated, and if she is, she will take you with her. A character of epic porpotions, that was presented in 5CREAM and solidified and sealed in Scream VI.
'You want me? So let's finish this."
Can't fucking wait to experince the rest of her journey.

And to finish, I want to talk about the best scene of the entire movie, and quiet honest, one of the best set pieces in the whole franchise (for me, of course):
- The Apartment scene / Anika's death scene.
Where to begin? Never have I ever felt sad and deeply depressive over a death in this franchise and that's saying much, because I pretty much get sad with all the deaths in all of the Scream movies. But there's something so uniquely devastating about Anika Kayoko's death. She was not a target, she was just there with her girlfriend and friends. And I say that she was not a target because killing her wouldn't do justice to the killers motives, which for me, makes Scream VI even more brilliant, why? Because it's not about the body count. Anika was just there.
From the first bang to the last, her eyes were glued on the door. In that room, she was about to face for the first time the wrath of Ghostface, thing that the others have already experinced. She was alone. Her eyes were still glued to the door, you could see a deadly curiosity in her face. Everyone instatly were on high alert and in panic, not Anika, her eyes were still glued to the door. It felt like she was curious, terrified, but curious. The bang stops, "Run", the door is slamed, all hell breaks loose. Anika tries to fight for her life, she's violently stabed. Enter the bedroom.
She was the last to go throw the ladder, and you know that her fate was sealed, it was going to be just another death. But then,
"Mindy, I don't want to die."
And those were the words that completely shredded me and sended me chills down my spine, I was just paralysied and grabing my sister's arm in the cinema. I don't know why, but those words completely grounded Anika as character in a way that I haven't feeled with other characters in the Scream franchise. It felt real. Devyn Nekoda, thank you.

All the call backs, ester eggs, all the Ghostface mentioned. It was not just fan service, it was needed. From start to finish. A fucking blast, a ride like no other, down to the last act. Ghostface is revealed. Father, son and daughter. Father and his minions. synchronised killers. It's so stupidly good and over the top: the motives, the dialogue, just pure campy perfection, like all Scream movies. Chery on top? Demi Lovato's Still Alive playing while Sam leaves her father'a mask (for now) behind and walks away with her sister and her new boyfriend, into the unknown. Credits rolls. The way the msuic entered was osgasmic. Beautiful.
So yeah, I think It's all out now. I think. Am I exagerating? I don't know, you tell me. I just didn't think that I was going to like it more that some of the originals, but here we are.
Scream VI you. fucking. slap. so. fucking. hard.
Scream VI, I fucking love you.

Written and directed by Richie Kirsch.

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