The Empty Man

The Empty Man ★★★★

The Empty Man features a captivating urban legend where, after having finished the movie, I found myself Googling Tulpas and Tibetan practices involving astral projection and the possibility of ‘elementals’ and creating entities through combined thought alone.
Which turned out to be quite a bit of homework for me.

I've seen plenty of films concerning cults with their very out-there belief system and various odd practices, but The Empty Man boasts a cult that managed to truly get under my skin.
There was a point when our leading man attends a lecture in the Pontifex Institute - Pontifex meaning: member of a council of priests in ancient Rome (all part of the research!), and the institute's counsellor presents a fascinating theory in explaining our reality and other leftfield views that I found particularly interesting.
But not to worry. I'm not cult material. I was simply absorbing it all as if I were doing a study for class.

I also quite enjoyed our leading man's constant 'what the fuck is going on' look throughout the film, which I felt was handled rather well for a horror film laced with the typical trope of having weird and unexplained events and apparitions occurring for most of its duration.

And the strong ominous score blew me away. Only later did I learn that the film was partly scored by dark creepy ambient outfit Lustmord. Which fit the mood perfectly.

It lost me a little at the end, but I watched this in one sitting (it clocks in at 2hrs 15mins) and I was never bored.

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