Upgrade ★★★★★

As I don't get paid in stars I'm careful to only ever dish out a full set of 5 to movies that I deem to be extra special. And although Upgrade isn't the type of movie that falls into that spectrum, here I am giving it all the love I can possibly give.

Where other movies move me or astound me, Upgrade gets full points for maximum entertainment on the kind of speculative sci-fi action thrillers that I'm specifically drawn to.
It's not deep by any means, but it's a bloody good tale of vengeance with my boy Logan Marshall-Green (who deserves way more work) who plays his part convincingly against a backdrop of near-future high-tech that his character is only minimally familiar with.

It feels like this movie could share the same universe as Ex Machina (2014), but there's a much more thrilling ride to be had here.

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