Burning ★★★★

Me 30 minutes in: Alright it's setting up, not sure where it's going yet, but I'm liking it. Great dialogue and it looks really nice.

60 minutes in: Alright I'm liking where this is at, something's happening, not sure yet, but liking this suspicious tension and interplay of male dynamics.

90 minutes in: Alright this is dope this is dope, I can see where this is going kinda.

120 minutes in: Okay, what the fuck is going on here?

148 minutes in: Fuck. What the fuck happened? Shit, holy shit.

30 minutes out: Damn what a movie. What just happened? What happened? Why do I feel so haunted?

60 minutes out: That sunset scene was so beautiful. That was so amazing.

90 minutes out: I have a pretty good theory on what could have happened.

120 minutes out: Nah I don't know shit.

148 minutes out: I feel the bass still, the movie haunts me like a ghost.

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