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  • Phantasm



    Captures the feeling of "a bunch of idiots face off against some incomprehensible terror" in both good and bad ways. Bad in that dramatically the characters seem to be running around in circles for most of the movie. But I can understand how it became a cult classic on the basis of some unbelievably vivid horror and cheap splatter effects. Solid recommend.

  • Green for Danger

    Green for Danger


    A whodunit in the Christie-style. It feels like there should be a million movies in that genre as good as this one, but this is really a rarity and as such should be treasured.

    No one has as much fun as Alastair Sim playing a sleuth, though many came close. Taking a "Great Detective" role should be required for any actor not above eating the scenery from time to time.

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  • Brawl in Cell Block 99

    Brawl in Cell Block 99


    When did the Don Johnson Renaissance start? Did he just randomly decide at the beginning of 2010 that he wanted to get into trash genre fiction?

  • Murder by Contract

    Murder by Contract


    Considering the current Hollywood cliches on assassins, it takes a moment to recalibrate to Murder by Contract's premise that killing someone for money could be difficult. Stylistically - acting, directing, dialogue, camerawork is all amazing. It also steps on a bunch of b-movie rakes as though the screenwriter ran out of time during the weekend he wrote it and had to insert a bunch of contrivances to make it work. Oh well, you can easily understand why Martin Scorsese loves it.