Apocalypse Now ★★★★★

- I have no idea the relation between Francis Ford Coppola's Vietnam has with the actual Vietnam, or the American experience in Vietnam, or even Joseph Conrad. All I know that such an intense and singular vision makes even a three-hour movie breezy. Like it would be wrong to cut any episode from the movie as though it was a real event in a documentary instead of something made up.

- Marlon Brando is good, even exceptional, but gosh, he really suckered a lot of studios and filmmakers near the end of his life. He certainly wasn't worth the trouble.

- Robert Duvall, on the other hand, earned every goddamn penny.

- So did Dennis Hopper. And Martin Sheen, obviously.

- It might have taken 20 years to make, and a trillion dollars, and every bit of Coppola's film talent so all he had left was the ability to make "Jack," but the battle scenes were worth it.

- Pitch for a new ending: Robert Duvall and the Playboy bunnies show up in a helicopter to pick up Martin Sheen. Duvall says, "Let's turn this frown upside down!" and they go surfing. It then cuts to credits where ALL the characters are surfing! Even Brando!