Moebius ★★★★½

Moebius sees director Kim Ki-duk take absurdity to a whole new level! The film is essentially a destruction of male sexuality and it doesn't hold back. The opening sequence sees a mother castrate her son following the revelation that her husband is having an affair. What follows is a violent, sick and twisted rollercoaster full of mutilation, rape, incest and more. I can honestly say I've never squirmed so much during a film! Kim Ki-duk takes "show don't tell" to a whole new level as the film is completely wordless. This actually makes it all the more shocking. Moebius floats on by like a summer breeze, while constantly horrifying and taking the central ideas as far as possible. It really reaches peak absurdity at about the half way point and the horror ends up becoming comedy, though it is the blackest of black comedy you're ever likely to see! The larger themes certainly overtake the smaller story of the characters themselves, as Kim seems less interested in the family at the centre and more interested in exploring their basic desires. It's an experience I won't soon forget! Certainly not a film for everyone, and if you haven't seen a Kim Ki-duk film before, I would not recommend watching this one first - though it is one of the director's best and most interesting films.

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