Saw II

Saw II ★★★½

The original Saw was a runaway success, so it's hardly surprising a sequel was rushed out a year later. This one ups the ante in terms and traps and gore, and follows a similar structure to the original in that we have a central situation and a police investigation. The scenario feels messy at first - too many characters and an unfocused police involvement - but it grows into itself as the piece progresses, becoming quite clever and engrossing by the conclusion. The film does not have the sharp focus on central characters from the first film, but it makes up for this with an exploration of the central antagonist. The Jigsaw character is not especially believable - a cancer ridden yet somehow omniscient purveyor of high tech traps - but his moral musings provide the film with its deepest elements. Saw II has things to say regarding death and the human condition and says them well. If only the central bunch of victims could have worked together instead of fighting amongst themselves, maybe they would have gotten a better result. I'm sure there is a lesson there. Saw II is hardly high art, but it is a worthy sequel.

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