I will lay my cards on the table. The original Suspiria is my favourite film of all time. Having heard that this remake is nothing like the original (and also good in its own right) I went in hoping it would be great. In fact, I said to my girlfriend before it started "I really hope that this isn't shit" but unfortunately the film is everything I hoped it wouldn't be and more.

The soundtrack is dire. It actually detracts from most scenes that it is in; meaning that you would be better off setting your TV to mute to avoid it. The fact is that you could change the title and character names and this would in no way be compared to the original Suspiria. But in its own right, the film is far from a success. The added ideas, related to human atrocities of the 20th century, do not hit home in any meaningful way and the the film is not able to carry this over stylistically. There's a complete lack of stand out moments as the film becomes stuck in a stagnant loop making for a very long two and a half hour runtime. The six chapter + epilogue structure only serves in decreasing the tension. I want to stress that I GENUINELY WENT INTO THIS FILM HOPING THAT IT WOULD BE GREAT. I am seriously disappointed. I think I could rattle on for hours but I can't be bothered. If you enjoyed it then all power to you seriously...I envy you. This film is fucking shit.

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