The Oily Maniac ★★★½

I don't know much about director Ho Meng-Hua - but I'm assuming that he's a boob man and I guess he's seen Jaws! (or at least heard the soundtrack). The Oily Maniac is a silly, but fun and inventive, Hong Kong horror film. The plot is pretty basic and focuses on a cripple who decides to get revenge on those who have wronged him, by way of a magic spell that turns him into an "Oily Maniac". The monster itself is hilarious and every moment it is on screen is great fun. The way that it makes its entrance is imaginative and he film makes full use of the Oily aspect, as the monster can slide under doors and even enter a bath through the taps! It's also amusing how the central character becomes the monster - by literally coating himself in oil (or petrol, which seems to work in the same way) It's not particularly gory or graphic on the violence front but there is plenty of nudity, with most of the female characters getting their tops off at some point. The story is pretty standard revenge fair really, but theres some good dramatic moments and the central character is a decent hero/villain. It is short and sweet at 85 minutes but it uses the runtime well and stays interesting all the way through. Good HK horror!

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