Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever ★★★½

Audible gasps during that Marvel character opening credits scene in the audience, yowza.

Also I missed the entire first 5 minutes before that scene because I was getting my son and I popcorn. Three registers open at this theater and everyone moving in frigging slow motion. I finally get to the front and find out they don't even have the Flamin' Hot Popcorn even though it's flashing on this gigantic LCD menu above them. What's the point even? My own fault for only getting to the theater 30 minutes before showtime like a chump.

"I liked it a lot better than Black Adam." - my son as we walked out of the theater.

I honestly don't even know how you could try to top the first movie, let alone without Chadwick Boseman. You add in the Marvel Machine (tm) and holy smokes it's gonna be next to impossible. There are some truly powerful emotional scenes mixed in that floored me. It reminded me of when that first Man of Steel trailer dropped with the kid walking around in the cape by the clothes hanging to dry out in the yard. I wanted more scenes like that! There are a handful of scenes pulling similar emotional strings that had me getting weepy and I just wanted a short film with JUST those scenes. Give me a 20 minute Wakanda Forever with those scenes and the ending of the final battle and I'm yours.

Cut out all the MCU bs, the giant fight scenes, the goofy costumes that are popping up, etc.

This was def the first time in a Marvel movie where I felt like I was missing something with characters appearing on-screen. I'm not even 40! I felt completely out of the loop when a certain character started talking to Martin Freeman early in the movie and I just knew it was because I didn't want some random Disney + show.

Tenoch Huerta as Namor is legit as hell.

Underwater superhero stuff is just not my bag. If I was a director that had to deal with Atlanteans or Aquaman I would eye-roll right out of pre-production and into the unemployment line.

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