Silent Hill ★★★★

i might be a little high on the nostalgia sauce.

hot piss take: this movie is extremely good and the only well-executed movie based on a video game ever made. what gets me every time is the exact shot-for-shot recreations of original scenes from the game. the attention to detail that went into capturing everything down to the camera angles of those scenes makes it obvious this was a labor of love. the acting may be a bit shoddy at times, but the crew working the monsters deserves the most props, Especially my girls who did the bubblehead nurses because hot damn did they give kid max some nightmares. and did cybil make eighth grade me a little bit gayer? Absolutely.

on another note, recently i learned that the completely useless sean bean subplot was shoehorned in by some sweaty producer who filled his diaper over there not being any men in the script -- hey thanks for just throwing a fat wrench in the flow of the story my good dude. so out of sympathy for christopher gans' misrepresented vision i give an extra star.

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