Kill Bill: Vol. 1 ★★★★½

Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill is a very different film from anything he's ever done before and I truly believe that whilst this is one of his finest films, it doesn't necessarily have the full impact of a Tarantino script.

Kill Bill Vol 1 is about as easy as a Tarantino film to watch and about as fun! From start to finish, it is packed with action, stylization, tension and even moments of humor. It follows The Bride, portrayed very well by Uma Thurman, who is on a revenge spree on those responsible for the death of her baby boy.

The structure is interesting and neat, and oddly similar to Tarantino's Pulp Fiction. It starts with what becomes the end though here we aren't shown what happened early in the film during its final sequences. This is truly about as stylistic as a Tarantino flick can ever get making up for a lack of character development (which is thankfully placed perfectly in Kill Bill Vol 2) and a very short story. We aren't necessarily shown much as to how the Bride was and what it takes for her to become the badass she eventually does. Like I said earlier, this is all perfectly explored in the second volume.

The action is just awesome! The Crazy 88 sequence at the end of film contains some of the most exciting action, most inventive and most enjoyable ever put to film. Tarantino's constant shifting from black and white, to color, to a blue filming sequence further proves his style and his brilliantly directing is the reason it all works.

The performances are great. Uma Thurman is fantastic in the role of the Bride and the supporting cast all do a fine job. In terms of directing, Tarantino absolutely knocks it out of the park. In terms of script, it is great but in certain ways, lacks the magic of some of his other films. This film proves that Tarantino can tackle films with a lot of girls and not make it like "Death Proof"

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