Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Hunt for the Wilderpeople ★★★★½

All hail the comedy stylings of Taika Waititi! I really enjoy what this guy puts together on a consistent basis. What We Do in the Shadows was one of my favorite comedies last year. I still can't believe he's directing Thor: Ragnarok. I hope he puts some of his NZ humor in there.

If you told someone that you watched a movie last night in which a troubled foster kid finally finds a home, only to have the single person in the home that loved him die, and then has to go one the run with a grumpy old man who doesn't want him around, and that you laughed and felt good, people would think something was wrong with you, but that's what this movie does. It makes you smile.

The goofy, awkward Ricky Baker paired with the gruff Uncle Hector is sweet, comic gold. When you throw in a couple extreme supporting cast members (the rangers, selfie man, child services Paula) that each have their special, funny moments you get a great movie watching experience.

Just watching Sam Neill look at Ricky in horror as he's dancing in the bush to a walkman made out twigs is hilarious.