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  • Frances Ha
  • Heart Attack
  • Nocturnal Animals
  • Melancholia

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  • The Voices


  • Irma Vep


  • Manchester by the Sea


  • Reprise


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  • Porco Rosso

    Porco Rosso


    I'm gonna marry porco rosso.

  • Persepolis



    A bit too fast-paced, or maybe rushed is the word I'm looking for, especially at the beginning, but other than that I loved it.
    Really nice and unique animation style. With some really cool scenes and transitions.
    And I just really loved how it was so humorous and wholesome yet so emotional. I feel like the movie really made me care and feel everything.

Popular reviews

  • Days of Heaven

    Days of Heaven


    Such a beautiful movie!!
    Fell in love from the first 5 minutes!

  • Asako I & II

    Asako I & II

    It is so bad, I wanna give it a ZERO.
    But that's not possible, so I'll give it a one.

    I'm only giving this a one so the meme works. But it seriously doesn't even deserve that. I don't remember watching any movie worse than this.
    This shit is straight out of a cringe melodramatic anime, like Anohana, except here, it's worse because these mfs are adults. They don't only behave like teenagers, they behave like teenagers from cringe anime…