The Secret Society For Slow Romance

The Secret Society For Slow Romance


"The movie is like a warm, cozy blanket — soothing and comfortable, and good for uplifting spirits. Ultimately, The Secret Society for Slow Romance is a cozy love…


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It's a "science Batman" movie. completely hides the war crimes nature of what happened with the atomic bomb. does not show Oppenheimer's visit to Japan in 1960. does not show how the new super weapon affects humans - the civilians bombed in Japan. this movie would have been better had it been done by a more skilled director who cares about humans and history. perhaps a Spielberg or a Malick. anyway, what's on the screen is OK - so, two…

Bristol Fashion

Bristol Fashion


Great NYC indie feature by first time feature director Pierre Guillet. Story is about a trans character who is trying to improve conditions in her life by moving into a boat at a boat yard. Great characters and overall NYC vibe - a world within a world at the boat yard. Great cinematography. Reminded me of some Jarmusch movies - specially Patterson.

Just coming by to say that the movie is available to rent from Indie Discovery LA Film Series 2023 here, 1 week rental -

Glass Onion

Glass Onion


it was pretty good. i liked the first one better.

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Just look at that title and thumbnail poster... know it's a satirical riff on indie snobbery films that's also paying tribute to them as well. Long meandering scenes, mumblecore style, existential character contrivances all layered, filmed in B&W with a cool jazz score that hits just right, these are all done well but with a strong scent of excessiveness to emphasize the absurdity of those cliches. Heavily influenced by Jim Jarmusch's style and others in the New York movement, the…

‘Bristol Fashion’ is a sweet, moving slice of life movie that follows a young transgender woman, Christina (Lea Nayeli) as she navigates the fraught waters of her life. ‘Bristol Fashion’ is an intimate look at her life in these moments, and it escapes stereotypes and cliches. We are offered a window into this turbulent time in her life — her purchase of a boat, the bigotry she faces in her day to day life, the awkwardness around identification cards and…

Cosmic Disco Detective Rene is a sequel to The Secret Society for Slow Romance, but it’s not the type of sequel that retreads the beats. Instead, NYC-based independent filmmaker Sujewa Ekanayake treats us to the same characters in an entirely different genre: a sci-fi comedy romp. Just as I loved The Secret Society for Slow Romance, I instantly fell in love with this quirky, funny slice-of-an-interesting life film.

While it’s a sci-fi comedy, at the heart of Cosmic Disco Detective…

"Is Richard Brody a time traveler?"

"Nuclear weapons in Brooklyn... that might not be good for people."
"Or most bodegas."

Off-kilter dialogue that's unpretentious but precious, performed with positivity and play. Long stretches of NYC establishing shots cut together with scenes of bizarre audio note-taking and satirical but genuine conversations on independent filmmaking and exhibition, make this movie a comedic romp unlike all others. A stand-out triumph.