The Secret Society For Slow Romance

The Secret Society For Slow Romance


"The movie is like a warm, cozy blanket — soothing and comfortable, and good for uplifting spirits. Ultimately, The Secret Society for Slow Romance is a cozy love…


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Works as Buddhist art. Does not work well as any type of an entertaining US-type movie. But, perhaps fans of Asian slow cinema will dig it. And, as mentioned earlier, works as a depiction of samsara - the realm of dissatisfaction - a soft version of it.

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The rest of this post is not a review since this is posted by the HQ account for the movie and is being written by the director/writer of the movie (needed to create this post to promote the movie's Letterboxd page on the movie's HQ page) - but hopefully this description of the movie, plus review quotes and links below, will lead to some people discovering the movie.

The movie will be…

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Been following Sujewa on twitter for a while now (his account is a treasure trove of tips & tricks for micro budget filmmakers) and I’m glad I finally got around to checking out one of his films. I thoroughly enjoyed this. It’s a feel good hangout movie with great dialogue that keeps you engaged from beginning to end. Loved the time I spent with these characters. The “so you think you can masturbate” exchange nearly killed me. Really looking forward to his Brooklyn New Wave Summer movies. 

Thinking I should finally give this “free on YouTube” movement a try with one of my features…

New York City is a city of infinite possibility, a city that never sleeps, a city with ungodly meet cute potential. A city armed with scenic backdrops (skylines, bridges, benches, parks, rivers) and iconic architecture. A city bursting with color, life and jazz. A photogenic concrete jungle with legendary filmic history and cultural context. Yet, in 2020; we saw a city at its knees. A pandemic in full swing. Anxious emptiness, desperation, and ghastly silence. Where was our beloved NYC?…

There was this moment in the movie when at home the little girl asks

How is, it like in the prison.

And there was a moment of silence, in the silent moment the camera focuses on Rahim's face and this non verbal communication, displayed the living hell created outside the prison, the answer was worse than the life he was living outside prison.
The prison could become a better escape than the turmoil created outside. His life just became a…

Jennifer Aniston surviving off free skin care samples is too real