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  • Bro Daddy

    Bro Daddy

    rajuA10 fan in me slowly crying.
    didn't have any expectations but didn't expect it to be this cringe, lazy and stupid. If I have to scrape anything good about this movie, in some parts lalA10 was wholesome, that's it.
    If you want to cringe go on watch it, first few minutes were at least engaging. but there is pretty much nothing good about this. Its basically a serial made into a movie. felt like there isn't even any effort put into it.

  • Puzhu



    iIm so glad that most of the backbone of this film is surrounding Mammotys character, Ikka has delivered a masterful and nuanced performance.
    i felt like execution was amateurish at places and I'm not a fan of this on the face kind of delivery of themes in films, i love it when they do it with subtility, so some of the characters felt like they are in it just for them to move the theme forward and no other reason…