Spotlight ★★★★½

I will always be grateful for Spotlight as it was my gateway into the endless possibilities of the cinematic artform.

It was a quiet February afternoon, and my mother and grandfather decided to take me to the local second-run theater. We had planned to see The Revenant but the screening was sold out. We bought tickets to see Spotlight on a whim and knew nothing about the film going in.

Up to this point, I was a pretty isolated tween. I didn't use the internet all that much and was brought up in a stricter household. The films that I did watch in theaters were Pixar films and family friendly blockbusters like Night at the Museum. I had always associated cinema with a form of entertainment.

Spotlight showed me just how wrong that viewpoint was. Cinema can not only entertain, but educate and bring awareness to issues plaguing our society. The film itself is a bare bones journalism drama, but that only highlighted the importance of its message.

And then came the ending. My jaw went slack as I saw the name of a nearby city listed as having a molestation problem with the Catholic Church there. I remember the drive home being totally silent, thinking to myself: How did I never hear about this incredibly important story in my area?

It was that next week that I decided to start reading the newspaper my grandfather got every morning and to start my journey into the world of serious, prestige films. So thank you Tom McCarthy for making me the cinephile I am today!

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