Favorite films

  • Velvet Goldmine
  • Inglourious Basterds
  • Fight Club
  • Whiplash

Recent activity

  • Gone Girl


  • Mysterious Skin


  • Inception

  • Do Revenge


Recent reviews

  • Nowhere



    If i didn’t already know I was bi this movie would have 100% been the cause of my bi panic. I mean I have no idea what I just fucking watched but I loved every second of it and the soundtrack… my god. The ending… well also my god. Should I have expected it? From Araki, any day. Did I? Not a damn bit.

  • As You Are

    As You Are



Popular reviews

  • Carrie



    You mean to tell me people actually think that she was in the wrong?!

  • Drive



    So, about me not understanding the Ryan Gosling hype… I think I sorta caved… like a lot… 
    but anyways if you need me i’ll be making this my entire personality and will be omw to fuel my newfound obsession with half nelson immediately.