The Green Knight

The Green Knight ★★★★

David Lowery's The Green Knight is a visually stunning slow burn take on an Arthurian legend. His camera placement is masterful enveloping the viewer into the frame. Every angle, every location, and every character moment reveals something about our hero Gawain.

Gawain is the nephew of the king who dreams of honor and being a knight yet lives an unheralded life. During his quest (and many miniquests) to reach the Green Knight the film tackles themes about bravery, identity, inner strength, and honor.

The film's visuals are dazzling though the deliberate pacing of scenes is slow and meditative. Certain smash cuts can feel disorienting, but this disorientation adds to the degree of confusion and haze that hangs over Gawain as he carries on his quest and learns to achieve honor.

This film is haunting, thoughtful, and features one of the best endings in a very long time. I definitely need to check this again to fully grasp all that I missed. But for now, this film is moving up very highly on my list for 2021.

A very high 8/10 (may be a 9/10 after a rewatch.)

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