Tenet ★★

Christopher Nolan has once again taken Ayahuasca deep within the rainforest and returned to the mortal realm bearing a screenplay that will allow all its witnesses to engage in psycho-sexual congress with the greater cosmos.

‘Tenet’ is Daedalian. There are far more layers to its logical conceit than those that envelop ‘Inception’’s and the constant new iterations of rules and proscriptions proves to be more alienating to the film’s experience rather than more engaging. This is in spite of the fact that Nolan has eased up on the encyclopedic dialogue that marred the former film. ‘Tenet’ shows instead of tells in the right places, and when it demonstrates the nature of its time-reversal concept tacitly it really shines- but this doesn’t compensate for the fact that its universe is so needlessly sprawling. There are so many moving narrative parts attached to this sincere theoretical experiment that it rapidly becomes exhausting.

Give me a version of this film that allows time for all the bifurcations of its logic to be properly implemented into its framework (and one that has better audio editing) and we might just have a truly mesmerising film. I think all the film’s major pitfalls evince something that could also be inferred from watching Nolan’s ‘Inception’: the man’s a great visionary… but maybe not the genre-defining Writer/Director he’s often lauded as.

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