Frances Ha

Frances Ha ★★★★


It's impossible to not identify with the problems proposed by Noah Baumbach, firstly there are no signs of any hopeful romantic comedy, focusing more on the friendly relationship between Frances and Sophie. The story seems to be the progression of life in its genre, facing the changes of that stage: losing friends, the increasing difficulty in finding a partner and economic instability, in a time where approaching 30 is the same as old age, among other things.

Another virtue is the sepia cinematography, alluding to the period of uncertainty of the 20's (and it's appreciated it doesn't look like an Instagram filter). The events suggested by the development of the story, such as the city occurrences and the turns that life takes, wouldn't have been possible without the naturalness, freshness and impudence that Greta Gerwig grants on screen, becoming the perfect eternal teenager and her search for a place in the world. A story that invites you to ask the following question: who hasn't felt lost and stuck after finishing school while watching your friends and colleagues evolve?

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