The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games ★★★½


It's interesting to look back and realize that Suzanne Collins' adaptation of her trilogy has aged poorly in several ways, but it manages to hold onto the script and direction. It achieves an otherwise interesting introduction by using closed and sequential shots to make a social critique of historical elements and media factors within politics and the media. After presenting the characters and their world, the story rushes up, it never justifies their presence in the argument knowing that they could've been better used, and to this must be add the annoying hand-held camera present in 95% of the movie. Although it achieves emotional and sacrificial moments (Rue's death), it also leads to a conclusion with forced twists that excludes the climax altogether.

Jennifer Lawrence makes Katniss become a very human character, with virtues and defects that make her very endearing, reminding everyone how to write a female character. Beside her, Josh Hutcherson proves that an interesting character like Peeta can greatly help his acting performance. The others, unfortunately, are only there because the script never defines them for not giving them an approach, making more evident the lack of emphasis on certain aspects of the story. At times it's captivating, interesting and fresh, but the end result is merely entertaining and passing. However, despite its obvious flaws, it deserves to be seen for raising a complex topic for the audience. Besides, it's a rare case where the teenager as savior of the world is credible, since the Girl on Fire lives in a painful dystopia, mired in poverty and oppression, where youngsters are forced to grow up quickly and arm themselves to kill each other.

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