Carol ★★★★★

I was about to fall asleep when I thought "Hey maybe I'll give a glance at this movie", and then it happened. The movie pulled me in almost instantly due to its setting, a 1952 Christmas, but kept me engrossed by its story, characters, and acting. Though I will admit that the setting was still very appealing. Literally and figuratively this film has a warm, fuzzy appearance about its self. It was purposefully shot on 16mm film to replicate a time gone by, but it also allows the viewer to feel more intimate with the film. This feel of intimacy makes the film's intimate moments (a lot of it) more accessible as well. Seeing the relationship between these two women was superb, and it was made better by their actresses as well. Not to forget the writing that really allows the characters to express how they feel by showing rather than telling. Its message is strong, the execution flawless, and overall something that makes me feel full. But sure it does have some sad and lonesome moments too.

P.S. Why'd the Oscars not nominate this for Best Picture?

P.P.S. What does Kyle Chandler have to do to get an Oscar around here?