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Polonia-mania: Your guide to the Polonia-verse: Ranked!

Family Video offers two for $1 general/library releases, which sounds pretty awesome, but the hidden cost is spending minutes/hours/days searching for that second title. It was the day after Memorial Day 2002 and I was searching frantically for that second title and I came upon The House that Screamed. I imagined I recognized the Polonia name because, hey, it’s me smellington but only 17 years younger, and I thought The House that Screamed was fine. Nothing earth moving, but a perfectly adequate low budget haunted house spooker. My second Polonia exposure was through the Bci/Exclipse 4 pack of dvds, and my life circumstances led me to watch How to Slay a Vampire, Nightcrawlers, and Hellspawn, and I did not care…

There are no films in this list released in the 1900s.