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  • The Man Who Sleeps

    The Man Who Sleeps


    You reject nothing, you refuse nothing. You have ceased going forward, but that is because you weren't going forward anyway, you're not setting off again, you have arrived, you can see no reason to go any further.

  • Days of Heaven

    Days of Heaven


    Nobody's perfect. There was never a perfect person around. You just have half-angel and half-devil in you.

    Days of heaven and days of hell. Terrence Malick puts us into kingdom come. We the viewers run through the Garden of Eden. He shows an eternal field stretching out to the sky, a lonely Edward Hopper-style house, one more beautiful than the other animals, but then this dreamlike world is turned into well of hell with Malick’s outstanding craft. He portrays the…

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  • Cocoon



    Life is like a raindrop, it doesn't stop. Best moments have become a fairytale. Death surrounds us with its relentless wings. We need each other but our bond is temporary. Please don't die. I desperately need to hear your warm breath but life is like a sky laden with transient clouds. Too agonizing cannot hold your image forever. All mirrors lie. This ruin is not me, time flies. I cannot stop it. Heaven is not true. Heaven is you but we are dying. Nothing is true, but I need you.

  • 2 or 3 Things I Know About Her

    2 or 3 Things I Know About Her


    "Maybe an object is what serves as a link between subjects, allowing us to live in society, to be together. But since social relations are always ambiguous, since my thoughts divide as much as unite, and my words unite by what they express and isolate by what they omit, since a wide gulf separates my subjective certainty of myself from the objective truth others have of me, since I constantly end up guilty, even though I feel innocent, since every event changes my daily life, since I always feel fail to communicate, to understand, to love and be loved, and every failure deepens my solitude, since..."

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  • Under the Skin

    Under the Skin


    ~ Almost no speech
    ~ Perfect Cinematography
    ~ Pure art
    ~ Scarlett Johansson
    ~ Colors
    ~ The subject
    ~ Oddness of final scene

    Words are meaningless for this film; amazing or not I can't decide. Despite all the strangeness, I deemed this film very successful; also
    I think Scarlett made a perfect sense and it is not easy acting for this role. By the way, I understand people who don't like this film because it is quite different and doesn't fit everyone's taste. 5/5

  • Whiplash



    Whiplash is just an amazing movie. J.K. Simmons deserves his oscar. While I was watching Whiplash, I could not move and breath. 5 stars from me.