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  • Toys Are Not for Children

    Toys Are Not for Children


    The bizarre thing about this is not that an infantile young woman wants to... make love to her father, but that it's actually a good movie. In an incredibly sleazy, Grindhouse kind of way. Put this on a bill with Marie-poupée and The Baby, and you've got yourself one hell of a triple feature.

  • The Mad Doctor

    The Mad Doctor


    Whadda trip! Best 6 1⁄2 minutes I've spent this week.


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  • The Uncanny

    The Uncanny


    A super boring film which happens to be awesome at the same time. Just look at that wonky cat face in the poster. Look at it!
    I might be biased because I don't like horror anthologies. Then again, I love '70s schlock, Canuxploitation, Peter Cushing, Ray Milland, Donald Pleasence, psycho kids... which explains my inner conflict. Is it a mixed bag or is it a potpourri?

    Theme: feline conspiracy
    - First story is about a servant trying to get at…

  • Safe in Hell

    Safe in Hell


    Drama about a woman who accidentally kills her rapist and flees to an island to escape conviction. What a fucking classic. I'm confused because William A. Wellman gives me total chauvi vibes, but his movies betray a knowledge about the female experience of being leered at and threatened by men; even to the point of empathy. Merely an inside understanding of the male gaze? I don't know. But he's never demonstrated it better than in Safe in Hell. Painfully relatable.