Happiest Season

Happiest Season ★★★

If the entire movie were Kristen Stewart sneaking around an unfamiliar house and casually lying, then this movie would be infinitely better.
2020, Ranked

Oh, personal news: I have LetterBoxd Pro now!

Other Notes

Paul Blart should have made a cameo in that weird pseudo-comedy mall bit. They spent all their casting budget being unsure of what to do with Aubrey Plaza I suppose.

The car ride had heavy Get Out vibes. Mackenzie Davis resembled Allison Williams’ character’s profile in the car and the scenic autumn highway vibes gave me instant flashbacks. They even stopped the car to discuss anxiety over meeting parents. Yep, total Get Out undertones! Run far away. The dad definitely voted for Obama twice—a third time if he could! :(

Dan Levy is going to be in more movies! He is great.

If the movie were solely the kids recording a Sylvia Plath novel, then it would be a better movie. Their deadpan is so funny

I didn’t quite believe the ending. Too convenient. Wrapped up too well. 

Bonus Wordplay:

What’s the best magazine for the Happiest Season? Harper’s Bazaar

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