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  • Dancer in the Dark
  • A Clockwork Orange
  • The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
  • Oliver!

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  • The Crawling Hand


  • Severed Ties


  • Jungle Blue


  • Betty Blue


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  • The Crawling Hand

    The Crawling Hand


    It's probably best to know in advance that the day is saved at the end of this clunky sci-fi horror effort by a group of feral cats, because the promise of a finalé like that might be the only thing that keeps you watching. That said, a lot of people really enjoy this type of vintage genre cinema, and I can imagine that The Crawling Hand would be a winner for them, because it is quite good fun: a bit…

  • Severed Ties

    Severed Ties


    An understandably forgotten relic from American horror's worst era, this movie would love to be a Re-animator or a Society or a Frankenhooker, but director Damon Santostefano is no Stuart Gordon, Brian Yuzna or Frank Henenlotter. He has, however, scored a couple of quite high-end veteran actors for two of the major roles, and KNB EFX to do the gore and creature work, and pretty much anything good in the movie is down to them.

    To be fair, Billy Morrissette…

Popular reviews

  • Sleepaway Camp

    Sleepaway Camp


    The most disturbing image in this movie isn't that final shot, it's the fact that Meg seems genuinely into the idea of shagging that rancid old camp owner.

  • City of the Living Dead

    City of the Living Dead


    Extract from HAMLET by William Shakespeare:

    Is she to be buried in Christian burial that
    wilfully seeks her own salvation?

    I tell thee she is: and therefore make her grave
    straight: the crowner hath sat on her, and finds it
    Christian burial.

    How can that be, unless she drowned herself in her
    own defence?

    It must be "se offendendo"; it cannot be else. For
    here lies the point: if I drown myself…