Dune ½

Oh man, this was such a hard slog to get through.

And I'm sure my dislike of it is purely down to personal taste. I just can't be doing with this portentous, sombre sci-fi fantasy dogshit. The original Star Wars is alright because it's basically an adventure film. The Fifth Element is good because it's pretty much a piss-take of the genre. That's why I quite enjoyed that derided 90s TV series Space Precinct too.

But this...?

Oh dear, this....

I was tempted to give it one star because some of the special effects are entertaining. But the film utterly failed to engage me at any point whatsoever, and that's a complete deal-breaker.

They should've called this film Spice World. At least then you'd have a clue as to how bad it was going to be.

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