The Lair of the White Worm

The Lair of the White Worm ★★★★

I've always loved this movie, even though it's clearly very, very flawed. It's a bit low-energy at times, some of the dialogue is almost parodicly "screenwriting by numbers", and the actresses playing the Trent sisters are not only both terrible, but appear to be dubbed by actors who are even worse!

BUT... it's such wilfully stupid stuff, with just the right amount of "no fucking way" sleaze (the scout scene, the massive spiked dildo, all the strap-ons), that only the most humourless viewer could fail to enjoy it.

And those dream/hallucination sequences... oh man. I wish more films threw things like that into the mix. I can't decide what I like the most - the insane video art of the venom-triggered hallucinations, or Hugh Grant's red-nibbed erection pen in the airplane dream. It's absolute fucking madness.

Ken Russell made some shite in his time, but when he was good - or even, as in this case, when he was pretty bad - he was a total one-off.

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