Upgrade ★★★½

Since I first watched this, Leigh Whannell has made The Invisible Man, and together they form a very strong pair of Verhoeven-riffing tech thrillers (Upgrade following the plot beats of RoboCop, The Invisible Man taking an alternative view of Hollow Man). They both feel as though they could take place in the same world, and there's a brief shot of a big concrete wall on the Melbourne coast in Upgrade that could actually be the exterior of The Invisible Man's large house.

I would be very happy if Whannell continues to make movies like this. Presumably he'd rework Total Recall or even Basic Instinct first, but personally I'm most excited to see what he does with Elle.

I'd forgotten how weird Upgrade's opening title sequence is. Literally everyone who watches it must be like, "Is there something wrong with the settings?

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