Ready or Not

Ready or Not ★★★★½

Oh.... Oh fuck yes.
One of the best horror-comedies since Tucker and Dale Vs Evil, READY OR NOT is absolutely hilarious, but also has a sweet menacing about it.
Combining elements of CLUE, GET OUT, REVENGE, and YOU'RE NEXT, this is just a blast from start to finish.
Samara Weaving KILLS in this role. Just absolutely fantastic. Just another badass lady doing badass things against bad people.


Movies are littered with ridiculous concepts, like Truth or Dare as a horror movie, Tag as a comedy, movies about Ouija boards, Stay Alive being about a haunted video game; but where READY OR NOT surpasses them all, is the comedic element. Turning a game of Hide and Seek into a horror thriller should not have worked, but adding a twist or hilariousness into it, makes this an absolute delight.
I simply loved it!