The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★★

Hilarious & on-par with the comedic noir genre, though subtlety, it's funny, also because I didn't remember or rather know? I guess.. that Shane Black had directed Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and I'd remarked to my wife while leaving the theater that that would make a great double-bill with this.

Having said that, this was one hilarious walk through the crime era of the 70's, well executed with a story more in-depth than I thought it'd be. Russell Crowe & Ryan Gosling are just as a formidable team as Robert Downey Jr. & Val Kilmer. If anything, Shane Black knows how to work the likeable crime solving duo angle. Not really a classic, or either Kiss Kiss Bang Bang but it bodes well for his filmography to make a likable team/cast that pulls through the errors of comedic crime drama.

Enough laughs to keep you invested, and also great performances from everyone involved. (Plus, Hannibal Buress plays a giant bee in the midst of a psychedelic dream so that's pretty great.)

If anything though, maybe, it could've worked a more hypnotic angle (for the times), great attention to detail though with particularly the cityscapes, but either way it worked the straight-forward mystery to a tee. Overall enjoyable film, plenty of nods to the era and plenty of sarcastic back and forth to keep you smiling. It's a film most people will find enjoyable.

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