The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel ★★★★★

Wes Anderson goes a little more Wes Anderson than usual in this one. There is a greater quantity of center shots and unique camera angles which all look very beautiful and add more life to the film. He gets more chances to use stop motion scenes and images, which aren’t terribly present in his other films, and there are even some shots of paintings of the scenery.

One thing I appreciated more with a rewatch is the unique narrative. The Grand Budapest Hotel is a story told by one character, who is talking to another character, who also happens to be narrating from a different perspective. That character’s words are being read by a random girl only shown at the beginning and end of the film, so there are multiple layers to it. And the way I’m saying it sounds like it would be hard to follow, but surprisingly it’s isn’t.

One of Anderson’s best in my opinion. Beautiful cinematography, set design, and that lighting that’s so common in his films. Great acting, especially from Ralph Fiennes, great humor, and lovely piano score. Mes would dos dem recommendings.

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