Midsommar ★★★★½

Midsommar is a film that radiates so much happiness.

Since, Midsommar has so much chaos, suffering, and gore; I'll probably get some funny looks for even considering it having a positive tone. But, at its core, this is a film about coping with extreme loss, dealing with shit relationships, and finding meaning in existing.

*******SPOILERS BELOW ******************

Florence Pugh does a great job illustrating how much anxiety and despair Danni has built up during this whole ordeal with such an exceptional performance. The character development she undergoes is so subtle and small at first that you don't even notice her changing. Yet little by little, the longer the film runs, the more complete her reconstruction back into a "normal" and I might even go as far as saying happier person she becomes.

This is most evident during the closing scene of her smiling but, the part that stood out to me the most was when she was on the ground having a panic attack screaming and wailing while being surround by several women doing the same thing. Each of them feeling her pain and working through that pain together. I'm not saying being in a murderous cult is a good thing, but that sure is some excellent group therapy if you ask me. This isn't the first time we see her cry, yet it's the first time we see her crying while being surrounded by someone (or in this case multiple someones) who care.

The fact that she slowly finds consolation and support with a group of people who just murdered all of her friends really adds a whole other level of disturbing to this film that really blew my mind. This is a genius film, while also being easy on the eyes with such a gorgeous color palette. My only complaint would be Will Poulter's character. I hated him so much. I was so happy when he died lol. He added too much comedic relief that I thought was unnecessary and frankly not funny.

Ari Aster is slowly becoming a force to be reckoned with. He is going to have a long and fantastic career ahead of him, that's for sure.

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