The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 ★★½

Hooptober 6.0
[6/33] : 1 Tobe Hooper Film, 2/6 films whose YEAR ends in 6

Geez, I haven't been this conflicted about a movie in a while. It's such a mixed bag for me.

I enjoy this movie most when thinking about the specific aspects that make it up. If you show me a clip from this movie, I will enjoy it and probably even smile. It's definitely funny, and Bill Moseley steals every scene he's in but, when you mash all those clips together into a full-length movie, it loses its magic. I'm not sure, I think it has to do with the writing not flowing as nicely as I'd like or maybe it's my reaction to everyone labeling this - "batshit crazy," "insanely funny," when it never reaches those heights.

p.s. I thought the set design for the hill billy dungeon was "badass" !

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